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Summit Stair Lift

Consider an extra-value option such as a grocery basket
Only $175

In the Atlanta and North Georgia areas, we will be happy to install a Summit AC stairlift for you including the required $250 state permit, the state elevator inspection, sales tax, freight and a 1 year labor warranty, all for
only $2,800.

Do you worry about doing business on line because you don't know who you are dealing with? We are proud of our long history in the industry.

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If you or a loved one is having difficulty going up and down stairs, a stair lift may be the answer. If you are worried about your aging parent or your spouse climbing the stairs, figure out which is the best stairlift for them. Consider buying a stairway lift for their next birthday. It could be a life saver - literally. Stairs are very dangerous for older people who can't get around so easily anymore. We hear of so many people who wait to get a stair lift until after someone falls down stairs. It is time to get preventative - don't wait. If your parent or spouse can still negotiate the stairs then they don't have to use the stair lift, but for the day they feel just a little off, a little dizzy, just too tired or have something heavy to carry, the stair lift will be there ready to help. Using the handy call send controls at the top and bottom of the stairs, they can even just use the stairway lift to send the grocery bags up the stairs.

Stair lifts have become more affordable in recent years, and now that simplified technology makes the installation easier and quicker than ever, you may find that having a friend or neighbor do the installation of your stairway lift can save you money.
We only sell NEW Summit lifts, not refurbished lifts. We don't lure you in with phony prices on used stairway lifts. Your lift will be shipped straight to you ready for installation. Based on our own experience in the field installing all kinds of stair lifts, we firmly believe in the reliability and quality of Summit stairway lifts. It is the only lift we sell for self-installation. We will walk you step-by-step through the measuring process and then we can also talk you through the installation process. Every one answering the pohones has hands-on experience with installing and measuring for the installation of these lifts. We are not just a telephone call center. We are real people and we are here to help.
We include Call Send controls as a standard feature with our stair lifts. The Summit Stair lift seat has nice padding - not just a plastic seat. The stair lift just plugs in to a regular household outlet. Shipping is free. The low price we give you includes everything - there are no hidden charges.
Call us today to get help or with any questions. We are an actual hands-on commercial elevator sales and service company. Our principals have been in the industry since the early 1990's. We have the knowledge, dedication and experience to help you figure out if this is the right path for you. Our goal is to make sure you get what you really need - nothing more, nothing less.
Read through the handy installation guide to see if you have the right tools and knowledge. Two people can easily install the stair lift in just a few hours. Receive your new stair lift one day and your mom or dad can ride their new stair lift up to bed that same evening.

Contact us today to get your new custom fit stair lift on order. Stair lifts usually ship the next day. We accept all major credit cards for you convenience.

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Summit Stair Lift

Have questions? Want to place an order? Call our factory trained staff today. 1-866-797-5438 Mon-Fri 8-9, Sat and Sun 10-5 EST. Or email us.

Summit Stair Lift
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Summit Stair Lift
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Summit Stair Lift
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